Monday, 6 July 2015

Top Legal Journals: Five more


Five more of the popular legal journals

          Following up on our last post on popular legal journals, we bring you five more to complete the     list of top ten. As mentioned earlier, the numbers are in no way an indication of ranking. Keep writing and try publishing. Hope this post helps you.

6. Journal of Indian Law Institute (JILI): This quarterly journal publishes articles, notes, comments on Constitutional law, Administrative law, Criminal   law and Company law.  It solicits hard copy submission accompanied by a soft copy in a CD. The Journal of the Indian Law Institute accepts submissions throughout the year. All submissions are required to be addressed to the Editor, The Journal of Indian Law Institute and mailed to: The Editor, The Journal of Indian Law Institute, Bhaganwandas Road, New Delhi – 110001 or can be emailed to / /

7. Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy: IYBILP is a peer reviewed journal that aims to provide a forum for the publication of articles in the field of international law, written primarily by experts in the field and elsewhere. It welcomes submissions from academics, practitioners, policymakers and students from within the legal community, and has a strong preference for articles that are not descriptive but prescriptive and argumentatively focused. The submissions go through a two-staged peer review process and if necessary, are edited by the Editorial Board.  For any queries relating to the theme or the structure of your submissions or any general queries relating to the journal, you can write to or refer to the below link below

8. ISIL Yearbook of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law: The ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law is being published since 2001.The yearbook seeks to focus on the development in the areas on these two streams of law. Other than articles, notes, comments, book reviews, the Journal also contains important documents published on the related subjects during the year. It is an effort by the ICRC, the UNHRC, and the ISIL to resolve issues of international humanitarian law and refugee law. The principal objective is to reflect upon the point of view of developing countries with particular reference to South Asian and South-East Asian regions. It solicits manuscripts at For Submissions & Guidelines for contributors to ISIL yearbook of international humanitarian and refugee laws:
9. The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law: The Journal is an endeavor of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad in collaboration with the N.C.Banerjee Centre for Intellectual Property Law. The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law (IJIPL) was first conceived as an idea in 2007 by the students of NALSAR as a forum for students across the country. Gradually, in extended to the intellectual property academia. The Journal publishing annually and seeks to invite manuscripts dealing with general intellectual property law and related interdisciplinary fields, as well as those pertaining to a particular area-in-focus. An indicative list of topics is not presented, but it is heavily encouraged for contributors to submit innovative, interdisciplinary papers which broadly deal with the concerns of the theme. All submissions are to be made electronically in the form of MS Word Document file at: check also

10. International Journal of Cyber Society and Education: The IJCSE is a double-blind referred academic journal for all fields of cyber society and education including theatrical, empirical and applied manuscripts. Manuscripts are reviewed by the editor for general suitability. Usually the evaluation span is less, about two months. The Journal imposes page fess for all selected manuscripts. The Journal follows open access policy and allows open access to its content. To submit papers to the journal, one must first register online at . Check for author’s guidelines for submission at http://academic-