Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On Age, Education and Ability

On many occasions the Constitution of India puts up minimum age limit as eligibility. It is very worrying and surprising that the lengthiest constitution in the world has failed to address the issue of calibre while listing eligibility criteria for the country’s representatives. Ours is a very opinionated country.  We all have opinions about law, medicine, police, justice, order, crime, rape, women, youth, roads, rains, farmers, crops, subsidies, scams, bans, everything. But our representatives cannot govern us on their opinions or their age.

Does age define ability? Or for that matter; efficiency? Then why age? Why not qualification? Or experience? Some may say that experience comes with age. But have you seen a toddler swipe through high end mobile phones while the 60 something generation is simply awestruck with the technological progression? So age certainly has no relation with experience anymore.

Our representatives must be qualified to be where they are put. We expect that every employee we hire has a supporting educational base, has a good resume and is well recommended. Even house help is expected to be from a work related field, should have experience, should know the work s/he will be entrusted, and must have the police verification sorted. Police verification for a maid who works for a house! Then why should these basic principles not be applicable to our representatives working for the country?  We insist on education and experience because together education and experience inform us, teach us, make us think and analyse. Education and experience both make us wonder; create doubts and find answers- solutions. This helps us make informed decisions and have opinions. This is precisely its importance.